HAIRY Biker Dave Myers has praised his co-star Si King as he gave an update on his cancer battle.

Barrow born Dave said he was ‘doing alright’ when talking to BBC Radio Cumbria.

“I’ve had quite a lot of chemotherapy now, but it’s working,” said Dave. “All the numbers are in the right direction, my hairs growing back, my beards coming back, so it’s a long job.”

The TV chef says he has ‘good days and bad days’ and says the help of his long-time friend Si has been ‘indispensable’.

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Dave said: “He has been amazing; we are like brothers.

“The very first week before all the treatment started you have a week of going round hospitals and bits and pieces, it’s enormous pressure on Lil my partner, but Si was the one who drove us around for a week, hospital to hospital, London in and out, in and out.

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“There was a week when Lil had to go away so Si came to see me and take me to the hospital so that’s got nothing to do with the telly - he batch cooked for my freezer!”

Since revealing his cancer diagnosis earlier this year, Dave lost his iconic hair and beard – something which he has missed.

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“The first lot of chemo I had was really severe and by the second lot my hair came out, so that was it,” said Dave. “It was, ‘Lil get the clippers’, the Hairy Bikers or not, for anybody it’s not nice.

“Your eyebrows go as well.

“What was funny was being very anonymous all of a sudden. It had its benefits, but it had its downfalls.”

Dave joked that his partner Lil had said at worst he resembled someone who had been ‘pulled out the mould before I was finished’.

Despite his positive outlook since his diagnosis, Dave said it was important not to ‘ignore the dark times’.

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He said: “There have been times when you just curl up and cry, there’s no getting round all this. “I’m still not out of the woods but generally feeling much better, and life will never be the same again.”

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