HAIRY Biker Dave Myers says that ‘life never will be the same’ when he gets the all-clear from cancer.

The 64-year-old TV chef was diagnosed with cancer in late March this year but made the decision not to disclose the type of cancer he has to fans.

He told The Guardian that he made this decision “because everybody then goes googling, everybody becomes an amateur doctor… And I don’t want to be judged – yet.”

Dave let fans know about his diagnosis during an episode of the Hairy Bikers – Agony Uncles podcast in May.

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He announced that he would be taking time off work, with Hairy Biker co-star Si King attending a number of festivals on his own.

Dave revealed that he hadn't 'been too well', describing the year as a ‘write off’ but reassuring fans that 'the prognosis is okay’.

Dave has described treatment as a ‘huge inconvenience’, having had 14 sessions of chemotherapy. There are a further six sessions to go.

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Dave told the publication: 'I'll feel I've made it when I get the all-clear from this bloody cancer. That's going to be completely life-changing, life-affirming. And life never will be the same again."

Myers has been a ‘baldy biker’ since his wife took the clippers to his iconic hair.

“It was harder for her to do, because she’d never seen me with no hair,” said Dave. “But she did come out with a great line when my eyebrows went. She said: ‘Darling, you look like they pulled you out the mould before you’d finished.’”

Sounding positive, he said: “My little fuzzy hair’s coming back now.

“It’s all on numbers. And the numbers are going the right way, so it encourages you to carry on.”

Dave joked that stroking his newly growing hair as like ‘fondling a mole’s armpit’ during the latest Hairy Bikers podcast.

He said: “I keep stroking myself, it’s like fondling a mole’s armpit because it’s baby hair, do you know what I mean?”

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