HAIRY Biker Dave Myers has spoken about the return of his hair amid his battle against cancer.

Dave, who was born in Barrow, revealed his cancer diagnosis in May this year.

The Cumbrian TV chef found fame as one half of cooking duo the Hairy Bikers alongside his long-time friend Si King.

It was on their Hairy Bikers – Agony Uncles podcast that Dave first spoke about battling the disease.

Now, on the latest episode on the podcast, Dave spoke excitedly about the return of his hair – joking that it felt like he was touching an animal’s armpit.

“My hair is growing – look!” said Dave to his podcast co-stars Si King, Posh Tash and the Thin White Duke.

“I keep stroking myself, it’s like fondling a mole’s armpit because it’s baby hair, do you know what I mean?

“Still doing the chemo but…”

Posh Tash chimed in, asking Dave if his partner Lil keeps stroking the new growth of hair, to which he responded: “Nah, the dog keeps licking it.”

Posh Tash said: “As long as Lil’s not licking it, you’re alright.”

Dave has recently spoken about his cancer treatment, saying that the chemotherapy ‘is working’.

“I’ve had quite a lot of chemotherapy now, but it’s working,” said Dave. “All the numbers are in the right direction, my hairs growing back, my beards coming back, so it’s a long job.

“The first lot of chemo I had was really severe and by the second lot my hair came out, so that was it. It was, ‘Lil get the clippers’, the Hairy Bikers or not, for anybody it’s not nice. Your eyebrows go as well.”

Dave says the help of Si has been ‘indispensable’, driving him to appointments and batch cooking meals.

Si has also been making public appearances at festivals on his own as Dave has had to drop out due to his health.

During an appearance in Bolton, Si thanked fans on behalf of the pair. He said: "I just wanted to say, from Dave and I, thank you so, so very much for all of the goodwill and support, all the messages really do not go unnoticed.”

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