DAVE Myers is getting ‘stronger everyday’ says Hairy Biker co-star Si King.

Si appeared on ITV’s This Morning to show hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield how to make a delicious ‘hangover cure’.

The chef made steak bakes for the pair, which they tucked into as he gave a demonstration on how to make them.

Si told Holly and Phil that he was making “a steak bake - the best hangover cure in the world and we’ve nicked it from a well-known high street bakery.”

Holly said that she could really smell the flavour, while Phil said it had “the best gravy I’ve possibly ever tasted.”

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The steak bake is just one of the recipes featured in The Hairy Bikers’ brand new book Brilliant Bakes.

The Mail:

While Si made a start on the gravy, Phil asked: “How’s Dave?”

The Barrow-born biker has been battling cancer since his diagnosis in late March, choosing not to disclose the type of cancer he has to fans.

“He’s doing okay, he’s doing okay,” said Si. “All the numbers are going in the right direction.

“He’s still in the trenches of his chemo but he just gets stronger everyday which is a great sign.”

Phil said: “He’s watching today, lots of love mate.”

Holly said: “Yeah, lots of love, missed you today.”

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This was just one of many solo appearances for Si King who has appeared in interviews and at festivals on his own due to Dave’s ill health.

64-year-old Dave recently told The Guardian that getting the ‘all-clear’ will be ‘completely life-changing, life-affirming, and life will never be the same again’.

Myers has been a ‘baldy biker’ since his wife took the clippers to his iconic hair.

“It was harder for her to do, because she’d never seen me with no hair,” said Dave. “But she did come out with a great line when my eyebrows went. She said: ‘Darling, you look like they pulled you out the mould before you’d finished.’”

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