A fish and chip shop in Barrow is hoping to celebrate one year of business with a title.

Last month The Mail launched the 'Best Chippy 2024' award with readers subsequently nominating their favourites.

From this, the ten finalists have now been revealed with readers able to vote for their favourite by picking up copies of the newspaper until Saturday, June 15.

Each of the ten establishments will feature in their own article with a different one being highlighted each day as they vie to earn your support in the campaign.

The 'Best Chippy 2024' awards so far:

Golden Fry is hoping to edge out the competition with a victory set to be the perfect way to commemorate one year of serving the area.

Located in the heart of the town centre at 39 Crellin Street, the chippy first opened its doors on April 4 last year.

The Mail: Will Golden Fry's prime town centre location help it gain votes?Will Golden Fry's prime town centre location help it gain votes? (Image: Submitted)

Christos Alexandrou, the owner of the business, has over half a century of experience in the industry and owns 39 other shops, including in Walney, Millom, Ulverston and Askam.

Christos is hoping that his focus on using the freshest ingredients will have earned him enough favour with customers to push him over the finish line.

"I get the fish delivered every single day from Procter based in Morecambe," he explained.

"Fresh fish has gone very expensive - I have been doing business for 51 years and I don't remember any prices like this and that is why everybody is selling frozen fish, except me."

Besides the catch of the day, Golden Fry has also won popularity through its other offerings such as chicken nuggets, fish cakes, sausages and burgers.

For Christos, one of the perks of the job since opening in April has been curating a loyal customer base.

"90 per cent of my customers I know what time they will come in," he said.

Will that loyalty be enough to earn Golden Fry victory? The winner of the 'Best Chippy 2024' award will be announced in the week commencing June 24.