Let us introduce you to one of the fish and chip shops trying to win your vote as the best in south Cumbria.

Last month The Mail launched the 'Best Chippy 2024' award with readers subsequently nominating their favourites.

From this, the ten finalists have now been revealed with readers able to vote for their favourite by picking up copies of the newspaper until Saturday, June 15.

Each of the ten establishments will feature in their own article with a different one being highlighted each day as they vie to earn your support in the campaign.

The 'Best Chippy 2024' series so far:

We now turn our attention to Mattie's Fish and Chip Shop on Ainslie Street, which was originally bought by current owner David McReedie back in 2005.

On a day-to-day basis, the business is run by managers Lucas and Magda Listowski, who have helped shaped the chippy into a consistent hit with locals.

Magda said: "It is very nice to be included, brilliant even, because it means that our customers enjoy what we do.

"We're usually quite busy which again is a sign that we're doing something right, something that resonates with our customers.

"We care about the quality of the food we're handing out, as well as the quality of service, so hopefully people can remember that as they vote."

The Mail: This little street corner business is hoping to be crowned as the best chippy in the areaThis little street corner business is hoping to be crowned as the best chippy in the area (Image: Google Maps)

Away from the business side of things, Mattie's has built up a reputation of supporting the local area, including through annual events in aid of Barrow Food Bank.

Last November, the team used a Christmas chocolate raffle to raise money for the charity, as well as acting as a drop-off point for any food wanting to be delivered to the bank.

"We are always happy to support the community," Lucas explained. 

"Many of our customers have become good friends, and there is a fantastic community spirit in Barrow.”

The winner of the 'Best Chippy 2024' award will be revealed in the week commencing Monday, June 24.