A takeaway in Barrow is looking to add another title to its repertoire as part of The Mail's 'Best Chippy 2024' awards.

Last month, The Mail launched the new award with readers subsequently nominating their favourites.

From this, the ten finalists have now been revealed with readers able to vote for their favourite by picking up copies of the newspaper until Saturday, June 15.

Each of the ten establishments will feature in their own article with a different one being highlighted each day as they vie to earn your support in the campaign.

The 'Best Chippy 2024' awards so far:

This time around, we say hello to Andy's Takeaway, which has long since been a favourite with locals from its shop in Hastings Street on Walney.

The business has been serving customers in Furness for over half a century now whilst current owner Eddie Maloney is approaching 36 years at the shop next month.

The Mail: Eddie has been in the frying game since 1972Eddie has been in the frying game since 1972 (Image: NQ)

Explaining their backstory, Eddie said: "We had a shop in Wigan, which we had run since 1972, and then an opportunity arose to take on Andy's.

"I knew about this shop and knew it was a good shop so we sold up and came up here - I love Barrow and we'd never go back to Wigan now.

"My children who work in the shop with me will take over when I retire."

Away from serving popular fish suppers, Eddie and the team have done a lot for the local community over the years.

The Mail: The queue outside the takeaway during one of its Christmas giveawaysThe queue outside the takeaway during one of its Christmas giveaways (Image: NQ)

This includes the annual tradition of frying up hundreds of free takeaways for the elderly and delivering free chippies to Risedale Abbey Meadow and other sheltered accommodations around Christmas time.

In contrast to the majority of the other finalists, Andy's also branches away from traditional chippy offerings, giving customers a chance to try burgers, pizza, kebabs, chicken and much more.

Eddie will now be hoping that the takeaway can build upon past success, having been named as the 'best in Barrow' by Mail readers back in 2018.

Will they keep their crown? The winner of the 'Best Chippy 2024' awards will be announced in the week commencing June 24.