A BIRD sanctuary in Furness wants to get the message out to the public that it's 'not ok' to shoot seagulls after taking in another one that has been shot.

The injured bird was discovered by a man on Saturday (May 25) close to where he works at Ulverston tip.

He then contacted Bardsea Bird Sanctuary who discovered a bullet hole underneath the wing whilst treating the bird.

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Elisabeth Ashleigh, who runs Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, said: "There was hardly any blood and we can't find an exit wound.

"It means the bullet will be too deeply embedded which will affect the tendons and muscles.

"It's doing OK for the moment. It's on anti-biotics and pain killers and it's been taken to a bigger enclosure but the fear is it could possibly get lead poisoning soon and die."

Elizabeth will be reporting the shooting to the police, along with the many others she has reported this year. 

Last month, a seagull was spotted at Chatsworth Street and Hartington Street in Barrow with injuries consistent with being shot through both wings.

The bird was unable to be caught so is still at large with its injuries.

The Mail: The seagull spotted again on Abbey RoadAs is a seagull in Barrow which is regularly spotted with a cross bolt wedged right through its neck - which the Mail first reported on in 2021. 

Just a fortnight ago, a mum and her nine-year-old daughter were horrified by its injuries whilst walking along Abbey Road - where it had previously been spotted.

The Mail: The pigeon that survived being shot in BarrowMany pigeons have also been the victims of shootings this year too. 

In March, a couple were horrified when they witnessed a pigeon 'blasted' off a wall in Juno Street by an unknown shooter.

Earlier that month, another appeared to come to a man's window 'for help' after it was shot in the crop on Ainslie Street.

Elisabeth said: "We need to highlight this problem as we need to find out who is responsible for shooting these poor birds.

"Seagulls get a bad reputation for being aggressive and people think it's OK to shoot them because they're nuisances.

"There's also been a lot of talk about shooting grey squirrels recently and it's almost like there's a message out there at the moment to say it's OK to shoot certain kinds of wildlife.

"It's not OK to shoot seagulls. They're not an endangered species, but they are in danger."