A MAJOR festival is preparing for its 10th anniversary.

Another Fine Fest is set to return to south Cumbria between June 14 and 16, though whether it will be delighting crowds in 2025 is another matter entirely.

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The director of the event, Dave Crossley, spoke about how difficult the situation is for festivals across the UK in the current climate.

He said: "This has, by a million miles, been the toughest one yet to make happen.

"Who knows if this will be the last one or not - we’ll have to see what happens going forward, but let's just say I can see why so many events and festivals are disappearing throughout the country."

Despite the uncertainty surrounding what comes next, Mr Crossley refused to let it diminish the party atmosphere that will be descending on Ulverston next month.

"[I've] been working day and night for many months to produce our free, twice world-record-breaking, two day festival in the town where I was born and in the town which I adore, to celebrate Ulverston all with the intention of attracting many thousands of people to the area to have the finest possible time and hopefully spend lots of money in our awesome independent shops and establishments," he said.

The event celebrates the life of Stan Laurel, who was born on Argyle Street on June 16 1890.

Mr Crossley took the time to thank those who have already supported the festival, which has received £19,590 in donations so far - though the budget is rising to over £50,000 in the present day.

He added: "I was able to secure the support of over 30 local businesses - but still, on top of this, yet more needs to be done because this thing only survives from generating multiple streams of funding.

"Never lose the faith and the belief in the importance of bringing people together as a community.

"Hopefully we'll make tons of money for two absolutely amazing local charitable organisations, St Mary's Hospice and Ulverston Food Project, whilst we're at it and put smiles on tens of thousands of faces."