A FESTIVAL may have to 'drastically' scale down after it was unable to secure a funding application.

The largest source of funding to cover half of the budget of Another Fine Fest in Ulverston was unsuccessful following the application refusal from Arts Council Funding. 

Organisers explained that despite the 'large blow', the festival will go ahead, and they will work to ensure its 'survival' this year.

"It's our 10th birthday and that is a huge deal to us, we would really love to do something special to mark the occasion," said the festival's director Dave Crossley.

"We may actually have to drastically scale down the event depending on the success or otherwise of our fundraising. One thing that we absolutely will not do is ask anyone to work or perform for free.

"We work hard throughout the year to generate funding from as many different streams as possible to ensure everyone is paid properly. This includes several grant applications as well as courting sponsorships and advertisements."

The festival's crowdfunding is currently ongoing with more than £5,000 raised off their £18,000 target to be completed in 19 days. 

"We can't thank our amazing supporters enough. If each of the 20,000+ people that attend donated just a couple of pounds, we'd be sorted," concluded Dave.