THE HAIRY Bikers have offered advice on growing your own fruits and veggies amid national shortages.

Some supermarkets have limited the sales of certain fresh food items after abnormal weather conditions in prime growing regions like Spain and North Africa impacted harvesting.

One fan of the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast, Colin, wrote in to Dave Myers and Si King for advice on growing his own vegetables.

He said: “Dear hairy ones, the recent problem with vegetable shortages has been the kick up the bum I need to clear that large but useless patch of land behind my shed.

“But the only thing I’ve grown in my 53 years is my belly, so what would you advise I should plant?”

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Barrow-born Dave advised that he may struggle to buy seeds in the first place.

“I know my neighbour went to buy seeds but because of the veg shortage he also had trouble finding seeds,” said Dave.

Si advised: “I think the key, because Dave grows and I grow, grow what you want to eat, I always try and grow carrots, celery, onions and potatoes because that’s my staple.

“And then sometimes seasonal stuff like strawberries and salad stuff.”

Dave says that freshly dug potatoes taste ‘special’.

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He said: “The spuds are a good one Kingy because freshly dug potatoes they taste special. You can’t buy that.

“A little polytunnel is quite handy, it was just an amazing amount of tomatoes we could grow.

“Before lockdown I had 113 varieties (of fruit and vegetables) all in seed trays, we had an 18 foot polytunnel and then of course with lockdown I couldn’t get to France and lost the lot.”

Dave says that Colin will have a great deal of fun growing his own vegetables, reflecting on the moment he grew a potato.

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“I think Colin’s going to have fun,” said Dave. “I grew up in a back-to-back in Barrow with no garden whatsoever, Lil my wife, she grew up with a Romanian survivalist garden, they grew the food to eat.

“But for me it was like, I hit 50 and all of a sudden it was like, I’ve grown a potato!”