HAIRY Biker Dave Myers says he feels ‘born again’ after being out on his motorbike.

Speaking on the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast, regular guest the Thin White Duke said that Dave was full of ‘pip and verve’.

He said: “As I know Dave you’ve been out on your motorbike so you’re full of pip and verve."

Dave responded: “I am, I’ve got zip in my pip for the first time in 18 months, yes, oh I’m born again.”

Dave had a rough 2022 after being diagnosed with cancer in April but earlier this month he said he was getting ‘back in the saddle’ with the purchase of a new bike.

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Writing into the show, one fan called Emily said that Dave and his co-star Si King had been a big influence on her two-year-old daughter Florence who sometimes requests the Brilliant Bakes book as her bedtime story.

She said: “A few weeks ago we were baking your cherry madeira cake and there was a small incident when allowing her to crack the eggs in the bowl. Whilst we were laughing about it she looked over your faces on the front cover of the book and said, 'mum maybe I'd be better at baking if I had a beard.

“I've got a problem because Florence can't have a beard and she's only two.”

The Bikers’ were unfortunately unable to give Florence any advice on beard growth however they did have encouraging words for 14-year-old Antony.

Bill wrote into the show to say: “My son Antony is 14 and his ambition when he’s old enough is for just two things. One is a KTM Super Adventure motorbike and the second is a beard like Si King’s.

“He’s not old enough for the bike yet but he has just started shaving. However at the moment his facial hair is fluffy and he’s worried he might not have the right type of face hair to be able to grow a beard.

“Can Si and Dave give him some hope and let him know what age they were able to grow beards and whether they were fluffy when they were younger too?”

Dave answered: “I suppose (in the) 20s the beard comes on and changes from fluff to fibre.”

Si said in agreement: “After your mid 20s it starts to get more substantial.”

“I think the technical term before that is bumfluff isn’t it,” said Dave. “Bumfluff on your top lip.”