OVERFLOWING wheelie bins and commercial skips have left Barrow town centre in need of a clean-up.

A number of bins at the back of High Street in Barrow town centre are this morning overflowing, despite recent calls for businesses and residents to take more care after Hindpool was revealed as a rat hotspot.

The information was disclosed in a recent freedom of information act and listed Hindpool, Ormsgill, Risedale, Central and Walney South as the worst Barrow wards for recorded complaints about rats in past three years.

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Last week, another hotspot of Barrow, the back of Scott Street, was highlighted twice in a matter of days.

Barbara Herbert, 62, took a picture of the alley on Monday October 24 after noticing it on her way back from the shops.

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She sent it to FixMyStreet - a website that allows people to report things such as graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting. She also notified Barrow Borough Council who sent out a streetcare team to clean up the mess.

Then just a few days later, Mrs Herbert was horrified to discover even more litter had been dumped in the back alley.

She said: "I was just doing some shopping in town and walking past back Street Scott and Buccleuch Street I noticed the dreadful mess.

"I'm getting fed up with it, I don't know if it's the council or people just not caring about there surroundings."

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