Barrow's 'Fish and a Rice Cake Guy' has explained to millions his life before, during and after becoming a viral meme. 

After appearing on BBC Three’s Baby Face Body Builders documentary in 2007 at 16, a clip of bodybuilder Danny Andrews explaining his diet for his upcoming Mr Cumbria competition became an internet sensation.

Danny went into great detail explaining: "Eight o'clock in the morning I'll have fish and a rice cake.

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"At 10 o'clock, I'll have fish. At 12 o'clock, I'll have fish and a rice cake.

"At two o'clock, I'll have fish. At four o'clock - just before I train - I'll have fish and a rice cake. I'll train, I'll have me fish.

"I'll come home, have some more fish, with a rice cake, and then have some more fish before I go to bed."

(Image: Danny Andrews) The 34-year-old, who has previously told The Mail that he "doesn't even like fish", has experienced the ups and downs of being an internet sensation.

Now, in a video created by Vice and broadcast to its 7.63m followers, he has explained his own personal journey. 

Danny said: "I'm from Barrow-in-Furness and I was always known as little Danny.

"When I was 15, I went to the gym and I came back after the six weeks holiday and someone said 'alright big lad' and I loved it.

"From that, I started competing."

(Image: Danny Andrews) He then goes on to say about the successes he's had in bodybuilding competitions including under 18s Mr Britain, and how this attracted the attention of the BBC. 

He explained that back then there were no memes and the famous clip didn't go viral until two or three years later.

"I hated it," said Danny. "It was like god, the amount of anxiety. I used to be laughed at.

"When I didn't go out there looking for viral fame and it's thrown upon you and it's not a positive thing.

"It's not like a sporting achievement, or I've done this, it's because I look stupid, it impacted me hugely." 

The bodybuilder, who now runs a successful barbers shop in Preston, also explained how it has impacted his dating life and how people didn't realise that he was a baby-faced 16-year-old at the time.

It was when people started to realise how much he had changed since the clip that he began to embrace it. 

His appearance on First Dates in 2021 was when the tide started to change and a few months ago, he felt comfortable to recreate the meme on TikTok which got millions of views. 

Now, Danny's video on Vice goes on to tell what life is like for Danny and sees him in his barber shop, at the gym and most importantly, has him running through his current diet as a grown man now. 

(Image: Danny Andrews) Last month, Danny launched his own food brand in the form of protein rice cake based on what he says what 18 years of unintentional marketing.

The rice cakes are now available in packs of two for £3.50 on the Fish and a Rice Cake website.

Danny has created a new Instagram account under @dannysrice cakes where followers can get the rice cakes in bundles.