A seagull was killed after food was thrown onto a road in Barrow in what animal rescuers say is a well-known 'cruel practice'.

Bardsea Bird Sanctuary took to its Facebook page to report that a gull had been killed at around 8pm on Monday on Buccleuch Street.

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Elisabeth Ashleigh, of Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, said: "We're getting a lot of reports from motorists about nasty people throwing food for gulls in the road so that they get hit by cars.

"In Buccleuch Street in Barrow this has become a daily occurrence.

"We have evidence that this is being purposely done where they run back in to watch from the window to see what happens.

"Cars come screeching to a halt and in this last incident a motorbike also started to wobble as it approached.

"This time of year the gulls are exhausted as they're looking after their new chicks and they dropping down because it's a food source. They mate for life and this is leaving them without a parent.

"This has gone on for years in this road however and we urge people to report anyone seen endangering birds' lives to us and the police as we're compiling evidence of the few that persist in this cruel practice.

"We will name and shame because these dregs of society need to know that we are watching. This animal cruelty in Barrow has to stop."

Elisabeth spoke out in May following an increase in bird cruelty cases reported to the rescue.

(Image: Bardsea Bird Sanctuary) After she treated a seagull that had been shot close to Ulverston tip she wanted to put the message out that 'it's not ok to shoot seagulls.

Bardsea Bird Sanctuary has also taken in several pigeons this year that have been shot.

In March, a couple were horrified when they witnessed a pigeon 'blasted' off a wall in Juno Street by an unknown shooter.

Earlier that month, another appeared to come to a man's window 'for help' after it was shot in the crop on Ainslie Street.

Elisabeth stressed that seagulls are not an endangered species however they are 'in danger' from the general public.