A CUMBRIAN Sensei will have his martial arts skills featured in a movie to be launched next year.

Sensei Rich Smith has taken part in The Karate Breaker movie produced and directed by Grand Master Gary Wasniewski - a tenth Dan Karate black belt, five-time record holder and actor.

The movie tells the story of a Karate Champion known for his fighting skills, who fights drug gangs to protect the youth of a small town.

The production was filmed in London, Orlando, Houston and Atlantic City. 

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Sensei Smith of Sport Nunchaku in Windermere and Kendal has been studying martial arts for 45 years. He has so far bagged the title of World Nunchaku Champion in Paris in 2019, he is a fifth Dan Nunchaku and a sixth Dan Ju-Jitsu.

In May he was invited to take part in the film when he travelled down to London to record his clips to be featured in the movie to be released to the public in 2025.

Sensei Smith explained that the movie tells the 'struggle' of the youth.

He said: "Grand Master Gary Wasniewski said to me 'I would love to have somebody of your prestige and somebody of calibre would be an honour to get you in this movie'. 

"It is a big opportunity and a massive honour for me to be a part of my first movie. Since then I have had another offer to be on a zombie movie as well."

The movie will feature clips of Sensei Smith doing Karate and Nunchaku.

"There is a section where I am teaching. There is me doing demonstrations on a technique," said Sensei Smith.

Gary Wasniewski has directed several movies worldwide. He has also starred in the movies Kill Factor and Thunderkick. 

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