A TEAM is celebrating success after collecting five medals at a Nunchaku competition.

Sensei Rich Smith, along with his students from Windermere, made an indelible mark at the first Sport Nunchaku Competition held in Salford.

Celebrating a haul of medals, the team has once again proven the prowess and dedication inherent in the art of Nunchaku.

Leading the charge, Sensei Rich Smith, the UK's first Nunchaku World Champion in Paris 2019, secured a gold medal, showcasing the high-level mastery that has made him a revered figure in the sport.

Young Archie McLoughlin, just nine years old, mirrored his Sensei's success by clinching a gold medal, a testament to his hard work and potential as a future champion.

Przemyslaw Gedek, competing in the men's over 18 category, displayed exceptional skill to earn a silver medal, while Philip Williams, at 59, demonstrated that age is merely a number by winning a bronze medal.

Gaja Gedek, at the age of 14, rounded off the team's success with a silver medal, underscoring the depth of talent within the Windermere dojo.

Although branded as a North West competition, this event attracted participants from across England, Poland, Spain, Chile, Italy, and Africa.

Sensei Smith said: "The level of competition was incredibly high, reflecting the international participation and the growing interest in Nunchaku as a competitive sport.

"I couldn't be prouder of our team. Their commitment, discipline, and excellence not only represent our dojo but also the spirit of Nunchaku. This victory is for all of us in Windermere."

In celebration of their victory and to encourage more enthusiasts to explore the dynamic world of Sport Nunchaku, the dojo is offering the first seven newcomers this week a free session, complete with a complimentary suit and belt. 

For those inspired to begin their journey in Sport Nunchaku, contact Sport Nunchaku Admin at http://m.me//sportnunchaku to claim a free session.