Local businesses across Barrow and Furness have been reaping the benefits from Dave Day.

Thousands of people descended on Barrow to be a part of the celebrations in honour of Dave Myers on Saturday.

With so many visitors flocking to the area, there was an acknowledgement that the spectacle would become one of the biggest days in Barrow's history.

The only Dave Day recap you need:

For a number of local and independent businesses, that proved to be the case across various industries and sectors.

For Paul Hodgson, Barrow Business Improvement District's manager, the impact of Dave Day is going to continue long after its actual date.

He said: "Seeing the whole of the Furness community come together was an emotional and impactful experience - it made me feel proud of our town. 

"Having gotten to know Woody (organiser Jason Woodcock) and Dave's family, I know that it did what he was always doing: put Barrow on the map as a place where you will receive a warm welcome and a great Green’s Pie."

The limelight that Barrow received has brought regional businesses to a more far-reaching public attention, particularly for the food vendors that provided their services for the big occasion.

One such retailer in the town centre was the Cumbrian Coffee Co, who commented: "A big thank you from us to you all for supporting our business on Dave Day.

"What a fantastic turn out and as promised we never inflated our prices so you could all enjoy your coffees and donuts which you really did!"

In the build up to Dave Day, the majority of the hospitality sector was booked up, with plenty of visitors having to find alternative means of accommodation.

For those businesses that saw their rooms packed, the occasion will have been a lucrative one.

The owners of Barrow Contractor Digs, who provide accommodation in the area, said: "As a family we’d like to say a huge thank you to those of you who decided to stay in one of our rooms. 

"Using local, family-run Barrow businesses and giving our town the boost rather than big corporations - we wish we could have accommodated more of you."