The future of a charity has been put in serious doubt after it was the victim of an 'elaborate' scam.

The Millom Network Centre, a community-based charity, was targeted on Wednesday, May 1.

The charity confirmed earlier this week that banking fraud had resulted in its entire account being emptied.

Some of the work the MNC does in the area:

Sue Dust, Office Manager at the centre, said: "This has left us in an extremely vulnerable position.

"The charity strives hard to be self-sustaining which being a community-based charity is something that we are incredibly proud of."

The loss of the charity’s funds has not only left the team reeling with the shock but also worrying as to how they are going to pay the wages of their small amount of core staff, with eight people currently working at the centre on a regular basis.

"We don't know how we're going to fund all the services we provide for the community," Sue added.

This includes their Ladies Lunch Group, Men’s Lunch Club, Up-cycling and the vital Meals on Wheels Service.

"That's along with paying for priority bills such as rent, water and electricity and running costs of the van, which is vital to enable us to collect donations and also deliver large items purchased within our main charity shop," said Sue.

"Therefore, we're throwing ourselves on the generosity of others to help us raise vital and much needed funds to allow us to continue being there for the vulnerable of our community who rely on our services."

Having been in contact with their bank since the incident, it is still not clear whether any of the funds will be returned.

According to the centre, the bank is currently undergoing its investigations, with money unable to be reclaimed until this process is completed.

You can help the charity at this difficult time by donating here.