A team of volunteers made and delivered over 90 meals to people living without power during the weekend's snow storm.

Helpers at the Millom Network Centre responded to the plea issued by Electricity North West to assist those worst affected by the severe weather.

Sue Dust, the Office Manager at the centre, explained how they quickly agreed to help locals at The Hill and The Green.

She said: "Staff rallied round in the kitchen, with one staff member quickly going to the local supermarket for ingredients, and everyone else quickly getting to work.

"We had some on veg prep, some on meat prep, and one manning the phones and social media." 

The Mail: The meals getting prepared for deliveryThe meals getting prepared for delivery (Image: Sue Dust)

After about an half and a half, the group had managed to prepare the 90 meals for their special delivery.

"We had a small group of volunteers with three 4x4 vehicles which were kitted out ready to deliver the lovely warm and hearty meals," Sue added.

"Many people were delighted to receive them - even though some had power restored by the time we reached them, they were glad of a warm, ready prepared meal."

Sue went on to say that the network highlighted how charities like the centre put the community at its heart, even when the situation facing the local area is difficult.

The Mail: A trio of 4x4's were used to reach isolated peopleA trio of 4x4's were used to reach isolated people (Image: Sue Dust)

The big effort from the volunteers has not gone unnoticed by people living in the region, who took to social media to praise the centre for its help.

One person commented: "What a fabulous community [we have] in Millom - it's something to be proud of."

Another said: "It was very much appreciated after being cut off from the outside world for two days."

The Millom Network Centre served as an example of the many hubs in south Cumbria that went above and beyond to serve the community over the weekend.