A second Palestinian flag appeared at another Ulverston landmark after the first was planted by the Sir John Barrow monument around ten days ago.

The latest flag was spotted flying high above the town's historic Coronation Hall during the weekend.

Westmorland and Furness Council has now confirmed that the flag was not raised by an official and was the result of someone accessing the building's flagpole. 

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This is believed to have taken place during a busy Fleetwood Mac tribute show, Fleetwood Bac, in which almost 700 people attended.

The town was also busy over the weekend during the annual St George's Day celebrations.

A spokesperson for Westmorland and Furness Council said: "We can confirm that the council did not put up this flag at The Coro.

"It appears that, during an event at the weekend when The Coro was busy with people attending a show, someone has managed to access the flagpole and put the flag up without our permission."

Sharing the pictures, an anonymous message was sent to The Mail which read: "We believe in flying the flag to show support for the Palestinians in the same way that Ulverston Council are proudly flying the Ukrainian flag as a show of support against an aggressive invading power."

In 2022, a Ukrainian flag was flown above the town council office to show support with the war-torn country.

The Mail: The first Palestinian flag to was found around ten days ago at Hoad Hill

The first Palestinian flag was found by a walker close who reached the top of Hoad Hill on Saturday April 13.

It had been planted at a known beauty spot close to the Sir John Barrow monument.

By Sunday morning (April 14), he reported that the flag had gone.

Ulverston Town Council confirmed that it had no part in planting the flag at the popular beauty spot.

No further information is known about who planted either flag.