A Palestinian flag was planted at the top of an Ulverston beauty spot last weekend before it disappeared.

The flag was spotted by a walker who reached the top of the hill on Saturday April 12.

He then noticed that on Sunday (April 14) morning, the flag had gone.

A spokesperson for Ulverston Town Council said: "We can confirm the flag was not placed on the top of Hoad hill by the Town Council."

No further information is known about who planted the flag or who was responsible for its subsequent removal. 

The walker added: "I think many of my friends within the Jewish community would be deeply upset, as was I, that the Palestinian flag was flying high over one of Ulverston’s most widely known and recognised beauty spots.

"In just the same way I can imagine many in the Muslim community would be angry and upset if it had been an Israeli flag flying in such a prominent place.

"Whatever our personal views about the current, and escalating, conflict in the Middle East it behoves us all to do everything we can to maintain homogeneity."