A man from Furness has earned himself international recognition through his passion for radio.

Nick Gregory, a member of the Furness Amateur Radio Society (FARS), was given an award by the American National Radio Society (ANRS) for his recent work.

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Nick, whose radio call sign is G0HIK, was recognised with a certificate for his radio signals bouncing off the Moon's surface 19 times, with the signals then coming back down to Earth.

He was operating in the 1.2 gigahertz radio spectrum and, despite the 'modest' set up as he described it, Nick has firmly put himself on both the international and interstellar map.

The recognition comes after members of FARS fought to gain new licencing, which will allow them to operate on internationally recognised frequencies, accounting for America now taking notice of their small corner of Cumbria.

Members such as Nick take part in the often overlooked hobby, broadcasting their messages across the globe and - as Nick proved - into outer space.

FARS has extended an open invitation to all who are interested in getting involved with the airwaves.

Full training is provided to transform rookies into licensed operators.

An entry-level exam is required, but upon passing, one 'gains the world as their audience'.

Nick's achievements are just the latest source of celebration for the society as they gear up for anniversary celebrations.

On April 18, the group will be marking their 111th year in operation with an open day at The Roundhouse in Walney.

Anyone interested in learning more about the pastime or one of the oldest radio clubs in the country is invited to come along and ask any questions they may have.

The open day will coincide with World Amateur Radio Day and will take place between 10:30am and 3:00pm.

For more information, you can contact the society at info@fars.org.uk.