Members of the Furness Amateur Radio Society (FARS) are preparing to operate on internationally recognised frequencies, using their soon-to-be-acquired licences.

This hobby permits them to broadcast messages that span the globe, and even reach outer space.

Prospective broadcasters commence their journey with a foundation licence, a phase several FARS members are currently undergoing at the society's headquarters at Hawcoat Park Sports Club.

A member already holding a foundation licence is advancing to the intermediate licence, which allows higher power operations.

FARS extends an open invitation to all who are intrigued by the prospect of communicating over airwaves.

Full training is provided to transform rookies into licensed operators.

An entry-level exam is required, but upon passing, one gains the world as their audience.

The society maintains a welcoming environment for initiates to experience the hobby and potentially discover a new passion for global communication.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the club’s website for further information, or to contact FARS directly.

This is an opportunity to join a worldwide fraternity of radio enthusiasts and connect with new friends globally.

You can visit the FARS website at: