World-renowned wilderness guides who have "tracked mountain lions in Colorado and explored jungles in Borneo" are now heading to the Lake District.

The retreat package has been named among the 12 best 'adventure' packages available in the UK today and it isn't hard to see why.

Cumbria's majestic Lake District is a vast space of potential adventure and is often cited as one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK.

From unpredictable weather to roaming hills separating leafy villages, you are almost always guaranteed something different whenever you venture out.

How best to prepare? Bushcraft.

Here we take a look at one of the top UK retreat packages on offer in the Lake District.

Foraging, brewing and crafts, Lake District

£595, 29 April-3 May,

Here is what Wild Human has on offer in the Lake District: "Wild Human leads expeditions all over the world: tracking mountain lions in Colorado, exploring jungles in Borneo and learning survival skills on an uninhabited island in Panama.

"More achievable for most Britons are its bushcraft courses in the UK, on three private estates in the Lake District. 

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"Past courses have ranged from beginner to advanced bushcraft skills; foraging, including smoking, pickling, preserving and brewing; and crafts, such as building cob and clay ovens.

"This year, there is a five-day spring workshop based on living off 100% wild foods – details to be finalised when the founders return from Borneo this month.

"Participants will wild camp, either in their own tents, under a tarp, in a hammock or in a self-made natural shelter."