THE Hairy Bikers talked about the importance of personal hygiene on their latest podcast. 

Barrow-born Dave Myers and his friend Si King host the 'Agony Uncles' podcast, where they respond to tricky questions from listeners related to their lives. 

'Rosie' rang in to ask if men not washing their hands after going for a wee in the bathroom has become normalised. She said she expected male members of her family not to wash their hands, and it put her off offers of cups of tea from them. 

Dave said: "I think you should wash your hands when you’ve been for a pee and certainly double soup if you’re anywhere near food.

"I remember once in a restaurant in Soho, one of those really busy massive restaurants. I was in the gents and the staff from the kitchen and also the waiting staff came in and none of them washed their hands when they’d been for a pee.

"I thought that was so grotesque even since the early days. We'd come back and used sanitiser before we even touched food again."

Si said: "It’s just hygiene, it’s personal hygiene. We’re religious to be fair because we’re around food all the time but it’s the way we’ve been brought up."

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Dave said: "If you've been touching your nethers it's just kind of polite."

'Posh Tash,' who helps host the podcast, pointed out that because of Covid her youngest child has become obsessive with making sure his and other people's hands were washed. 

Dave said that the concept of not washing hands after visiting the toilet is 'just sloppy - it's horrible.'

Si said: "Even worse in restaurants." To which Dave replied: "That's unforgivable." 

Dave brought up another important routine he uses which helps maintain a clean culinary environment. 

He said: "Even at home I still use a separate chopping board for meat." He also said that he disliked people putting their tea or hand towel on the chopping board, or using one towel for both.

He said that when he was younger: "I got such a roasting if I wiped my hands on the tea towel."