THE Hairy Bikers have offered up their advice to a chief bridesmaid who wants to know who should foot the bill when jetting off to a wedding abroad.

‘Blossom’ wrote to TV cooks Dave Myers and Si King to ask for their advice on the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast.

She explained that it was her friend's second wedding - and she didn’t want it to be a repeat of the first.

“That was in 1980 in a working men’s club in Cleethorpes,” said Blossom. “It rained, the band didn’t show up, the groom got so drunk he passed out in the toilet and her new father-in-law started a fight with two of her brothers.”

Set on her latest wedding being amazing, she picked the destination of Mauritius.

Blossom said: “The problem is she hasn’t offered to pay for me or any of the bridesmaids to go out there. I can afford to go but something is bugging me about the fact she chose to get married there but she’s not offering to pay.”

Blossom asked the bikers if it’s okay to ask the bride to cover the airfare or for a contribution towards it, or if she should suck it up.

Barrow-born Dave said she couldn’t expect the bride to pay for her to go to Mauritius, but podcast regular Posh Tash added that you can’t expect the bridesmaid to pay for it either if she hasn’t got the free funds.

Si said: “It should have been discussed prior to that. It’s all about that conversation I guess and planning it all. You can’t just have this high-handed expectation that everybody can afford to go to Mauritius.”

Dave said the request could be considered ‘pretty unreasonable’.

He said: “If you’re not Posh and Becks it’s pretty unreasonable to expect all your mates to change their life and maybe save for a year to come to your wedding.”

Posh Tash said: “And also, it takes time out of your holidays if you’ve got a job. If you get married here it’s one day out, but if you go to Mauritius I presume you’re not going to go there for a night.”

Si concluded that Blossom should initiate a conversation with her friend to find out what she’s thinking.