Dave Myers and Si King, known colloquially as the beloved Hairy Bikers, have announced they are back filming together for a 'new adventure' that will see them visit almost every inch of the UK.

Announcing that 'the gang' are back together after a two-year layoff, fans simply cannot get enough of it.

Their shows have become a staple of British TV over the past few years by following a similar format to the Two Fat Ladies.

Dave and Si's regular banter, use of various unusual cooking locations, and signature use of motorbikes have endeared them to the masses.

Posting on Facebook, the pair wrote: "BIG day for us! After 2 years the gang are back together and guess what?

"We start our new adventure!!!! Filming in Scotland!!! Love from Dave and Si".

Since it was shared, it received tens of thousands of 'likes' and 'loves' from adoring fans celebrating the return of the iconic duo.

The comments section was positively brimming with delight.

Jenny Long said: "Mornin that's so great. Such amazing news and can't wait to see you guys again.

"Best mates and great food together again. Love you guys".

Whilst Margaret Lancaster commented: "Fantastic news, good luck to you both on a new adventure, looking forward to seeing you back on the tv.xxxx".

Some fans even tried to get the pair to visit them on their adventure: "Great news … plenty to see and eat in Scotland … especially Fife", Sarah-Jayne Bowers suggested.

The Hairy Bikers will Go West for a brand new series on BBC Two

A teaser for the eight-part series shares: “Starting in Scotland and riding all the way to Devon, this is the perfect trip for the Bikers to revisit places that are meaningful to their past, special locations where their friendship was forged, and locations linked to their family history.

“But it won’t all be familiar territory as they meet new friends and explore new scenery to cook mouth-watering recipes inspired by the diversity of the West coast.

“Their journey begins on Bute Island and travels through Dumfries & Galloway, Lancashire, Merseyside & the Isle of Man, North Wales, The Severn Estuary and Somerset, ending in Devon.

“Along the way, they’ll meet some of the best artisan food producers in the UK alongside award winning chefs and an incredible array of locals keen to share their passion for local produce.”