THE Hairy Bikers have offered advice to a female bricklayer facing sexism on the job.

‘Apple’ wrote to the pair of TV cooks on the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast to tell them about her problems.

She wrote: “I am a female bricklayer, I’m proud to be one, it’s all I ever wanted to do since I got my first Lego set.

“However, I get hassle at work. Not from my colleagues as you might think, they’re all fabulous, mostly fellas but we all get on and have a right laugh, mainly because they know I’m better than they are at complex brick work so they get me to do all the tricky bonds.

“But no, my problem is from customers.”

Apple says she is currently working on an extension for an older couple and that the gentleman has been pointing out her work to her boss asking, ‘can you just check she’s done that right?’ On a previous job, the male of the household would stand behind her and ‘give advice’ as she was working.

She added: “I know it’s a generational thing and that I have to change as other people won’t, but how?”

Bikers Dave Myers and Si King were horrified by the treatment, saying she needs to ‘rise above it’.

Si said: “How dare they, that’s just nonsense - we’re living in 2023. I hate that with a passion, it’s so fundamentally wrong, rude, arrogant, stupid. It’d wind me up to be fair.”

Barrow-born Dave said: “To be fair Apple that would give me the pip as well, to get down to the core of it, it’s their problem not yours.”

Si pointed out that it doesn’t matter who does the work, as long as it’s done properly.

He said: “I think what makes me cross is that bloke that’s saying, ‘are you sure you’re doing that right pet?’ will go to his mates ‘isn’t that beautiful, isn’t that bit of brickwork lovely, look at me new extension isn’t it lush – a woman did that you know’.

“And it’s like, what does that mean, what are you saying? It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman - it doesn’t matter. If they’re doing a great job, they’re doing a great job full stop.”