Chefs Simon King and Dave Myers, known collectively as the Hairy Bikers, are one of TV’s most beloved cooking duos.

With a TV and book career that has spanned more than two decades, the pair have become national treasures.

As their most recent cookbook, Brilliant Bakes, hit the shelves this month, you may be wondering how long the Bikers have been cooking together, and where did they meet?

How did the Hairy Bikers meet?

King and Myers met back in 1995, on the set of the TV drama, The Gambling Man.

The pair have been cooking and riding together ever since, producing a whopping 26 cookbooks.

In an article in The Independent, King said: “At lunch most of the crew were ordering salads and mineral water at the local pub, while I was having a curry and two pints of larger. When Dave came in he took one look at my lunch and went, "I'll have what he's having!" Pretty quickly we discovered that we both loved eating, drinking and motorcycling.”

Born and bred in Barrow, Myers first worked in a steelworks as a student, to finance his studies in Fine Arts. Later he joined the BBC as a make-up artist, specialising in prosthetics.

King hails from North East England. He worked for many years as an Assistant Director and Locations Manager for film and television, including the Harry Potter films.

Hairy Biker Dave Myers' battle with cancer

Earlier this year, Hairy Biker Dave Myers revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer.

He said: “Anyway Kingy, I’ve got to come clean now, I haven’t been too well recently and, basically, I’ve got to have some chemo, you know all this anyway, so this year is going to be a bit quiet for me, I’m not going to be filming, some of the festivals I’m not going to be able to go to, some may be OK but this year’s a bit of a write-off for us.”

He continued by asking listeners to respect his privacy while he undergoes treatment, saying: “I have had to speak up about this because I don’t want to hide under a rock, but I would love it if people respected my privacy and just let me get on with it and give Si and our team all the support they need, that would be great. But look, the prognosis is OK, I’m going to be fine.”