THOUSANDS of young people danced through the night in Furness sand quarry back in 1991 - and paid £20 each for the privilege.

The Mail, on Monday August 19 in 1991, noted: "The marquee roof was lit up by constantly shifting chemical coloured patterns,holograms and lasers.

"Garish oranges, greens and yellows shimmered and moved, evolving from one abstract shape into another."

Dancers headed to Roosecote sand quarry for the Land of Reality event which lasted from 8pm on Saturday to 8am on Sunday.

The article noted: "The happy band danced energetically and apparently ceaselessly at Barrow's biggest ever all-night party which attracted revellers from all over the country.

"From a dimly lit stage disembodied voices boomed out over the endless electronic thump of the music."

The quarry also hosted a fairground for the 2,500 who went to Roosecote and you could buy a water pistol for £2.

A can of pop cost £1.50, an orange was £1 and a pack of 20cigarettes cost £5.

The Mail noted: "The clothes have changed enormously from the days of the flower power Sixties pop concerts.

"For the girls a bra and a pair of tights, with shorts and a pair of large sensible shoes, is de rigeur.

"The boys are a little less ostentatious, most wearing a colourful t-shirt, with elbow-length flared sleeves, and baggy but not flared jeans.

"Baseball cap or floppy sun hat is optional.

"They all look healthy and wealthy, with casual but expensive clothes."

The major event, featuring a 85-kilowatt sound system,lasers, projections and dance platforms, security, live bands and top DJs, was said to cost up to £60,000.

The Mail, on August 8 in 1991, said the planned event was developed by Barrow businessmen Paul Snowdon and Paul Webber with party promoters Nemesis.

Mr Webber said: "There's no drink involved. Everyone will be searched at the entrance.

"There will be metal detectors to check for weapons and there will be no drugs, no other illegal substances, no bottles.

"The people who come to these don't want to drink they just want to dance."