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TUNES The Bay City Rollers in action on the stage at Barrow in 1992.
EVENT The Princess Royal talks to youngsters at the Barrow shipyard launch of Albion in March 2001.
CAPS Pupils in Victorian costumes made for Vickerstown by students at Ulverston Victoria High School in April 2001.
CHOIR Pupils who were regional representatives for the Voice of Promise millennium song contest at Salford in November 1999.
RIDE Youngsters cling on as they are given a lift to safety from floods at Dalton in November 1963.
HELP Rathbone students ready for a sponsored walk up the Hoad in May 2000 for animal care at Dalton zoo.
WELCOME Technology students with their idea for a Lakes Disney theme park in July 1992.
MESSAGE: The Reverend Paul Day, of St Mark’s, speaking to onlookers at Dalton Road, Barrow.
DETAILS Rebecca Campbell adjusts the cravat of Alex Carine in a scene from My Fair Lady in March 1995.
CHEERS Arms are raised at the climax of a close race at the swimming gala held in March 2002.