A FURNESS beach became an international communications hub back in 1988 when youngsters found two letters in bottles in a single day.

The Mail, on Wednesday, August 17 in 1988, noted: “Four Roa Island children have found messages from Ireland and Wales washed up by the waves.

“As they walked along Foulney Island beach they discovered two bottles with messages inside.

“One had been thrown overboard from the Liverpool to Belfast ferry on July 17.

“The other came from near Anglesey and contained a message from the skipper of a fishing boat.

“The Anglesey message reached Foulney in just four days.

“The four children, Claire Allen and her sister Kate, Christopher Moore and his brother Stephen are writing to the senders to give them news of the find.

“The first message was sent by Dave Williams, skipper of fishing boat Meridien Bay based at Anglesey.”

It said: “If you find this bottle and read this message please return it to me.

“This bottle was launched at 17.45 on August 11 off Cemlyn Bay, two miles west of Cemaes Bay, while at anchor with anglers on board.

“Hoping to hear from you.”

The other message was written on a cigarette packet and said: “This bottle was thrown overboard from the Liverpool to Belfast ferry four hours out of Liverpool on July 17 by Andrew McLean, aged 13.”

Shells, seaweed and rock pool creatures were the more usual finds for youngsters enjoying the attractions of Furness beaches in the hot summer of 1995.

The Mail, on Friday, September 1, noted: “School is still out for summer and children are making the most of their last days of freedom before term begins again.

“During one of the hottest summers on record, youngsters have taken advantage of the fine weather to get out into local parks and on to the beaches.

“Beaches in Walney have been packed with bathers and the parks have been overflowing with children.

“They will soon be pretty empty again though when the school rooms start to fill.”

In August 2001 Community Action Furness had plenty of activities organised to keep youngsters entertained on the beach at Sandscale Haws, near Barrow.