THERE was so much snow in Ulverston in February 1996 that townsfolk were able to show their artistry in creating beautiful — but very temporary — sculptures.

The Mail, on February 9, noted: "Snow sculptures are lining Ulverston streets as artistic designers fight against a meltdown to build some spectacular icy creations.

"The first snow art to draw gasps of appreciation appeared in Brogden Street."

On Market Street you could see Clarissa, a snow woman playing the violin with icicles to form the bow.

It was made by Gwenda Meredith, Sue Teper and Emma Johnson and took more than two hours to complete.

Also on show was a snow bear with a honeypot and a giant snake writhing among the trees.

The article noted: "In Tarnside a woman and a man are surveying the street.

"Back up the hill at The Gill, is probably the town's most elaborate work — a giant igloo."

The igloo had its own Eskimo fishing outside.

The article noted: "There is a dog with a fish in its mouth and builders have been dry-snow walling to fence their creation.

"Draped around a drain pipe nearby is a woman, a skeleton in a coffin and a snow bear."