A RARE whistle which may date back to the formation of Barrow's own police force more than 130 years ago has sold at auction for more than £200.

A top bid on internet auction site ebay of £204.90 was needed to buy the item which was stamped "Barrow-in-Furness Borough Police" and "Sergeant 6".

It was made by J. Hudson at 131 Barr Street, Birmingham.

The first Barrow Borough chief constable was Captain Richard Nathaniel Cartwright Foll, who was appointed on May 1 in 1881.

He had served with the 32nd Light Infantry Regiment.

His first task was to recruit and equip 50 men, including two inspectors and six sergeants.

The headquarters for many years was in Cornwallis Street and then Market Street.

Weekly pay in 1881 for a constable was £1.28. A sergeant got £1.60 and an inspector £2.04.

Cpt Foll lead the Barrow force until 1907 when John Berry took over.