POURING rain failed to dampen spirits as bands provided a day of entertainment at the Ulverston Pop Festival in 1992.

Fortunately a giant beer tent made sure the hardy music fans did get completely soaked at what was intended as an outdoor event — but the weather did win in the end.

The Mail, on August 10, noted that only three of the nine scheduled bands made it to the makeshift stage and an equipment failure meant that the music had to come to an end at 5.25pm.

Halcyon Days, Nightshift and Pity the Small Thumbs were the bands which put on a show despite the elements.

Comperes Chris Garrett, of the Big Guns of Iraq, and Derek Brook, did their best to keep the crowd amused at an event organised by Furness Live Music.

The article noted: "The rain came down and the wind shook the tent which was filled with smoke from the burgers sizzling on the open grill."