THE final few years of the Victorian era saw the building of the new community of Vickerstown on Walney Island to house shipyard workers and thanks to an unusual collaboration, youngsters were able to get a taste of how life was for the first residents. Pupils at Vickerstown School held a Victorian theme day in 2001 and were able to dress in costumes of the 19th century which were made by GCSE textile students at Ulverston Victoria High School. The Mail, on Friday, April 27, said: “The Walney children will be dressing up in the colourful outfits when they visit interactive Victorian museums around the country. “It will enable the pupils to take part in historical Victorian role play activities in full costume.” The Vickerstown School at Latona Street opened in August 1902 to supplement a temporary corrugated iron structure which had to serve for educational needs as new streets were constructed. Pupils moved to a £6m new building on Mill Lane in 2011. The Mail, on February 8 in 1994, noted that Vickerstown pupils had been learning the basics of first aid with Linda Farrell of the British Red Cross. A special dummy was used to try out mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as part of an eight-week course held after school. There was more first aid in April 1998 when a dozen pupils aged 10 and 11 gained Red Cross certificates after completing a six-week course. In April 2001 pupils did  a research project into the pros and cons of a £50m wind farm planned off Walney and decided it would be better for the environment. A special assembly was held in March 2002 to wave farewell to school secretary Betty Brookshaw, also a school governor, who was retiring after 11 years at the school. Headteacher Meg Gleave said: “She loves the school and the children, and the children loved her. She was a really important member of the team.” In November 2002 Barrow mayor, Cllr Dave Pidduck, was a guest at the school to officially open a pair of new millennium gates, assisted by head girl and boy, Samantha and Calvin.