HOLLYWOOD movie star Alan Rickman scattered some stardust on a chilly October day in 1992 when he strolled through the streets of Barrow to promote a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet being staged in the unusual setting of Brady's Warehouse.

His arrival, with fellow actors Julia Ford, David Burke and Michael Byrne, attracted the national media pack, with representatives from the Daily Express, Mirror, Telegraph, Liverpool Echo and Granada TV.

Mr Rickman told them: "We are doing a play which isn't just about what was going on 400 years ago.

"Hamlet is a great play because it is full of references to the world we live in today."

The big night was on October 27 and 800 people packed the chilly warehouse, paying between £7.50 and £12.50 for a ticket.

The Mail noted: "The warehouse was unrecognisable inside, with reception area, attractive bar and a beautiful, fully enclosed auditorium all created from scratch.

"By the interval alcoholic drinks were shunned and huge queues formed for hot coffee as the temperature plummeted and there was a dash to the car park for travelling rugs for the lucky punters who remembered they had them.