BARROW AFC manager Pete Wild says his side could benefit from their midweek washout.

The Bluebirds midweek game at home to Bradford City was called off due to waterlogged pitch.

And while that was disappointing and frustration at the time, there may be a silver lining.

Wild explained: “There’s the positive that we are going to London twice in four days fresher (Barrow face Gillingham tomorrow and Crawley Town on Tuesday), which is good.

“And it gives the players who we may have to risk on Tuesday night more time so that they are really ready and fit for this weekend.

“So things are positives and don’t get me wrong we are quite pleased about that.

“What you have got to try to do in these situations is look at it and say is the glass half full? Then you can try to find the positives in what is a frustrating situation.”

Wild admits that further he gets into his managerial career situations like cancelled games are getting easier to deal with.

He added: “Like I say it was frustrating on Tuesday because it now becomes five games in two weeks, which becomes very difficult, especially with two of them being in London in the next few days.

“So, it’s a very hard set of circumstances, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

“The weather has been horrific, and we just have to get on with it.

“We parked the Bradford information and the Bradford plan for a few weeks, and we are now focused on the next plan which is Gillingham tomorrow.

“Looking at it I think you become used to it over the years when these things happen.

“All the staff and players put so much effort into that plan then come Tuesday afternoon it was irrelevant, and it was like OK what’s the new plan?

“So you just become sort of immune to it and you just move on.

“Now we are all focused on the Gillingham game and after that we focus on Crawley and that’s what we have to keep doing focus on one game at a time, and deal with what comes our way, and stay positive.”