BARROW AFC manager Pete Wild says he has to be willing to keep giving his players their ‘moment’ to shine.

The Bluebirds host Swindon Town at Holker Street today (3pm kick-off) today and Wild will be hoping whoever takes to the field will grab their opportunity.

But he admits that for him as a manager one of the keys things is being able to tell just when his players are ready to seize their ‘moment’.

He told the Mail: “For me as manager, I need to look at the players and know when they are maybe half a yard off or when they are really raring to go.

“For example, Ben Whitfield (who scored Barrow’s only goal in the 2-1 derby defeat to Morecambe). We just felt that Whits was coming into a moment where he was really ready to go.

“We have to recognise those moments and make sure they don’t fizzle out, and that the players are in the team when they are those moments.

“It’s about making sure we are at the best of our ability when we need to be.

“And it’s about me recognising when players are on it or not on it, and making sure we pick the best teams and the best squads off the back of that.”

While Wild and his team have got those decisions right more often than not this season – the results speak for themselves – the Barrow boss admits that although he can give players their shot, they need to be prepared to take it.

“Ultimately actions speak louder than words, so when they walk over that white line at three o’clock they have got to go and deliver,” he added.

“At that point we can only help in a minimal way, and that’s probably the toughest things as a manager.

“I have to speak to my team who are at the coalface every day. Then I need to take a step back speak to the players to see where they are at.

“Then you have to look at the opposition and what does the game need.

“All of those things come into a pot and then as a manager I have to live or die by the decisions that we make, and lucky for us we’ve made more right than wrong.”