Police are teaming up with Barrow AFC to urge fans to enjoy this weekend’s match with Bradford City responsibly.

A bumper crowd is expected to attend Saturday’s League Two clash at the SO Legal Stadium and officers are appealing for fans to not let emotions spill into criminal activity.

Superintendent Sarah Jones said: “We are all looking forward to what will hopefully be a great event for both sets of supporters.

“We are expecting a large crowd, therefore there will be a significant policing presence in and around the stadium and town centre on Saturday. As with any high-profile event we will be on hand to ensure the safety of everyone.

"Whilst we appreciate the passion people have for their football team we are asking fans to remain respectful, responsible and mindful of others to ensure everyone can enjoy the match.

"Where an individual engages in unlawful behaviour, the police will step in and take action.”

A spokesperson for Barrow AFC said: "We look forward to welcoming Bradford on Saturday at the SO Legal Stadium.

"We understand the passions of both supporters when it comes to football. However, we do ask that both sets of supporters respect players, staff, and fans at all times.

“Your support this season has been brilliant, and we can’t wait to welcome you back through the turnstiles on Saturday in what should be a fantastic afternoon of football."