BARROW AFC boss Pete Wild says his players are ready to go after their enforced break.

The Bluebirds found themselves without a game last weekend – their League Two game with Gillingham at Holker Street was called off due to the weather.

The cancellation on Friday afternoon left Wild with a decision to make – get the lads in for training or give them some time off.

The Barrow manager explained why it wasn’t a difficult choice.

He said: “Leading up to the game we’d given the players the plan for the month.

“We don’t normally do that, but with it being Christmas I like them to know where they are going to be, so they can get things sorted with their families.

“We were looking at the plan, and it was very heavy, and there wasn’t a lot of time for them to spend with their families.

“So when the game was off, it was quite an easy decision to say,  ‘go and have a full weekend with your families. Go an enjoy some pre-Christmas time with your families’ because now it’s full steam ahead and they are practically in nearly every day now for the next three weeks.

“So, like I say it was an easy decision to make and a pleasing decision to make because we could give them some time with their families.”

Wild believes that while the extra time off was fairly brief, it can bring dividends for the Bluebirds.

“We all perform better when we are around our families and when we spend time with them so it’s important for us to give them that opportunity,” he added.

“I’ve got a young family as well, and I want to spend time with them as well.

“There’s a work-life balance in any industry and it is important to try to get that right.

“The lads came back in Tuesday refreshed and ready to go, and I think the players and the club will benefit from that.

“Now it’s about being focused for the games ahead and I think that we are certainly ready for those games and focused on what we need to do.”