A cricket team hopes to inspire women to take up the sport after they won the league.

Barrow Cricket Club's Women's team were named the champions of the South Cumbria league. 

The team was only established two years ago and members see this latest success as a sign of the growth they are capable of.

Laura Croskery, a player on the team and one of the individuals involved in creating it, said: "Women in sports are becoming more prominent on TV and social media.

"We, as a club, decided that we needed to start generating some interest amongst girls and women."The Mail:

Focusing on women in other sports, along with working with schools, has seen a positive uptake in the team.

"We've managed to attract players from the local rounders team, for example," said Laura.

"There's still a lot more that we'd like to do and we're hoping that, through this success and people becoming more aware of us, we might be able to generate more interest for players next year."

After winning the league, Barrow will now represent South Cumbria in the County Finals.

"The social media attention and the photos being sent around will hopefully help promote us and what we're trying to achieve," said Laura.

The Mail:

The team is open to a wide age group, bringing in women from 15 years old to the mid-60s.

"There's a really good morale amongst the team, even though there is that mix," she said.

"It also keeps the door open to a large section of the community who fancy trying it out, because we've got juniors and adults working together, and working together well."

Ahead of the County Finals, Croskery wasn't willing to get ahead of herself when it came to building upon recent glory on the field.

"We are a competitive side and we're hoping that we can perform on the day.

"We've done the training and we've put the practice in so we're hoping that we might be able to get to the semi-final stages."