BARROW AFC has revealed a sign on the side of the SO Legal stadium celebrating Georgia Stanway.

Stanway, who grew up in Askam, played a crucial role in steering England to European Championship success. The cup win has sparked a huge wave of support and pride in south Cumbria.

Alisha Henry, the chief operating officer for Barrow AFC said: "We have seen the kind of community support and the feel-good factor in the town, so we wanted to congratulate her. We are going to keep it up all season, and for one of the games we are having Georgia as a guest of honour."

Barrow AFC have some plans for the future regarding women's football - and they hope Stanway's achievement can spearhead them.

"We need to do more to support getting young women into football, get them down to the ground," said Ms Henry.

"We've not got a women's squad but we are looking to create a legacy by using this as a stepping stone."

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She said the reaction to the poster so far has been positive.

"We have had people come down to take a picture of it. People love it, they are celebrating," she said.

The Twitter post that Barrow AFC put up of the poster has had a wide response, including from Georgia Stanway herself who said: "Class! Thank you!"

The post has even had an international response with Argentinian sports website Mundo Pelota (World Ball) saying: 'Barrow AFC, based in Barrow-in-Furness, the region where the champion of Women's Euros 2022 Georgia Stanway was born and grew up, has put up a poster of her on the stadium, the SO Legal Stadium.'

'She is recognised as a local icon.' 

Stanway's most important contribution to the squad was scoring a brilliant goal in the last minute of the quarter-final game against Spain.