Cumbria batsman Sam Dutton is returning to the Furness club for the 2022 season after three years with Blackpool.

Matthew Siddall, a Blackpool and Cumbria team-mate, is also leaving the Northern League club to ply his trade in the Cumbria League with Cockermouth.

Sam and his partner Rosie re-located to Blackpool for the 2019 season but have now returned to the area and he has indicated he will be playing at his old club next year.

The Furness captain Peter Lawson said: “Dutts left us for a good reason and now he is back in the area we had to explore the possibilities of him returning to us.

“Sam and I chat regularly anyway so once I knew he was returning to the area we soon established that Furness was the best option for him.

“Unfortunately, it looks likely that Mark Daly will be unavailable in 2022 due to injury which is a big blow so Dutts arrival certainly is a big boost to the team and he brings more experience to the side now compared to his previous stint.

“He’s had very successful seasons at Blackpool which included a leading role in a championship-winning season of 2021.

“Next season currently feels a very long way off but I wish Sam the best of luck for the 2022 season and I hope he enjoys it as much as we have all enjoyed this last one.”

Furness were good winners of the Cumbria League’s Premier Division ahead of Carlisle and Cockermouth.

Dutton had this to say on his return: “I’m excited for the opportunity to be back at the Furness club and playing in the Cumbria League.

"I 100 per cent feel that I have a lot more experience under my belt in comparison to my previous stint at the club.

“I’m also looking forward to getting stuck in around the club with both juniors and seniors on the training front.

“The Cumbria League is 100 per cent going in the right direction now.

"It’s a lot more connected with the Cumbria senior side, so I’m looking forward to being involved in the setup as a whole.”