A BARROW rugby league club is set to upgrade its training equipment after receiving a £2,449 grant.

Hindpool Tigers ARFLC were ecstatic when Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall allocated the grant from the Property Fund.

After a challenging 12 months due to Covid which saw their seasons cancelled, chairman Graham Smith is grateful to have received the financial boost.

He said: “It is really good for us, because we don’t charge subscriptions like other clubs. We try and make it free for members where we can. It will make such a difference to the club. Some of the equipment that we have now are over 20 years old and way past their best, so we have definitely needed the upgrade.

"It’s been difficult for us, just like it has been for every other sports club, but the members have worked hard to ensure that there is a club to return to when this is all over.

"The club is a massive part of the community now – we have more members and teams than we have ever had before.”

The grant will now be spent of new items including tackle bags, rugby balls and first-aid equipment. Graham saved special praise for Hindpool’s PCSO Joe Ward after receiving the grant.

Joe had helped the club during their application to the Property Fund, with Graham noting: “We wouldn’t have got this grant if it wasn’t for Joe.”

After allocating the funds, Peter McCall believed the rugby club were more than suitable recipient.

He said: “I am a massive believer in ensuring that kids can grow up with an interest in sport. It really helps give them a sense of belonging when they are part of a team.

"Playing sport helps children develop discipline and other values that are really important. That’s why I have been really keen to promote this during my time as PCC and is something that we should all be supporting.

"What I have seen with Hindpool Tigers is that they are very inclusive and I am really pleased to see that they are coaching children of all ages.

"It is not all about winning, it is about making sure all children of different abilities take part.”