AS I have reported previously the Hindpool Road roof has been condemned and it is due to be removed sometime in February.

We managed to engage with a few contractors, and we are grateful that we have found one that will do the job for all the scrap material that will be salvaged.

Clearly losing the roof is a negative and at times we are seeing a century-old stadium crumble beneath our eyes.

We understand that the ground needs some investment, and we need to divert some of our income into the restoration. The costs of replacing the roof are simply too prohibitive and we are afraid that it must become an open end.

We put a board sub-committee together looking at ideas to improve the facilities, particularly at that end.

One of the main reasons nobody stands there is the lack of catering, bars, and toilets, and if we can solve that problem then it could well attract spectators.

Obviously there is a cost to all of this, but the years of neglect have taken their toll and we feel that we must invest in the ground or we will simply continue firefighting. Most football grounds have a concourse and the whole perimeter have facilities every few metres and we would like to replicate this.

In terms of costing these proposals we may tap into the coronavirus Business Interruption Loans that are on offer.

It may be seen that we are putting the club in debt, but the work can result in income generation and because so much of it will be directed for community use there may be grants available. It would certainly be worth looking into the World Cup legacy grants.

There is a whole load of other repair work that is currently ongoing. You will be pleased that we can report that the missing seating in the main grandstand will be replaced before we next have a crowd in the ground and that task has been long overdue.

Water piping beneath the main stand has rusted and all needs replacing, the walls around the ground need substantial repair in places and the electricity supply is inadequate if we hope to introduce more facilities. We literally spend thousands simply to stand still. Whilst we have one eye on improving the ground, we most certainly have an open mind with regards to a new modern stadium. Clearly money is the biggest issue.

We must hope that the promised regeneration of the North includes towns like Barrow getting the sporting facilities for professional sport it deserves.