A BARROW golf club captain is devastated that it will not be opening during the next month.

Furness Golf Club will be closed until at least December 2 due to the second national lockdown.

John Woodhouse, captain of the Walney club, is disappointed with the Government’s decision.

He said: “My disappointment comes from the fact that the game of golf has clearly demonstrated that we can enjoy the game in a Covid-safe way.

“We put in a lot of restrictions and rules in place for our players starting the game, playing the game and ending the game.

“This has clearly shown that we can do this in a very safe way.

"Golf was one of the first sports to be allowed to return when the restriction were lifted in May.

“This was because we have those things in place and England Golf went around the country to ensure that golf clubs were following those particular rules.”

Despite lobbying to government from the golf industry bodies, they have not backed down on pleas to keep courses open.

Mr Woodhouse said people would miss the golf course.

He said: “Regarding mental and physical health, there is nothing better than going on the golf course and playing the game in the fresh air.

“It is estimated that three million people enjoy the game of golf and there is many more people that are going to suffer under lockdown than golfers.

“But there is this three people million who have a means to go out and exercise.

"It has been taken away from them and we can’t understand why.”