More COVID frustration this week as our JETS programme had to be temporarily cancelled.

We were victims of our own success and having attracted over 180 kids and coaches this was against the guidelines.

As ever the messages from the Government make no sense whatsoever.

We can have 1000 people on the pitch to watch a pop festival but we can’t have 6 groups of 30 children that will be totally segregated.

We put a massive amount of time and effort in to organising the JETS programme and for the RFL to pull the plug with literally a couple of hours to go was poor.

We had asked for the go-ahead from the RFL in August but we got a very lazy response saying all seemed fine despite making it clear we had different groups of children. Perhaps the children should just be hanging around the streets; as long as they are in groups of six.

The government’s response to the COVID pandemic has been farcical and I think most people can see the scientific advice has lost credibility.

If we doubled daily cases per week from 4000 then after 4 weeks we would have 64,000 daily cases. Why not treble it and really unjustly scare the public? that would be 324,000 daily cases. They are making it up as they go along with pure guesswork.

The COVID situation has also put the brakes on the community game and their return to contact has been delayed. I am beginning to wonder whether the 2021 season will happen at all. The prospect of testing costs will sound the death knell for a number of clubs at our level and if you add in the prospect of no crowds then it becomes almost impossible.

We have been very busy signing players up to contracts to make a determined promotion push in 2021.

Where is the money going to come from I wonder? The furlough scheme ends at the end of October and I am of the opinion it needs to.

Perhaps millions of people unemployed will finally send a message to the government that their reaction to the pandemic has been ultra-cautious bordering on criminal.

To ruin so many lives and businesses simply has no logic for me.

The vulnerable should have been protected with tests to enter care homes and hospitals but with the rest of the community creating the wealth to pay for the health.

It is tragic if you have lost a loved one but the governments focus should have been on full protection for the vulnerable, not throwing positive victims from hospital back in to the care homes to commit the equivalent of genocide and leaving our health care professionals with inadequate PPE.

We have our AGM on Wednesday in our marquee at 7pm and all members are welcome to attend.

It is well ventilated and offers the safest option in the current circumstances.

We will presenting our accounts up to November 2019 and hope to give an overview of the progress we have made as a club.