Steve Herbert will be the Bluebirds Trust's interim director on the board at Barrow AFC following the appointment of Levi Gill as the club's new chief executive officer.

Gill became the Trust's first representative on the board after they completed the purchase of a ten per cent stake in the club in March 2019, but he stepped down from that role last Friday.

Herbert has stepped into the breach as the Trust's rules states that the representative position reverts to its chairman in such a situation.

He will hold the role until the Trust's AGM, for which a date has yet to be set but it is scheduled to take place within the next 8-12 weeks, when a new board representative will be voted for.

A statement on the Trust's website said: "The period until our AGM is going to be used to take stock.

"The Trust has grown phenomenally in the last few years thanks to the support of our members and wider fan base. "We now need to ensure the Trust is in the best shape for the next challenge of tackling the Football League. We are going to use this opportunity to have a full review of the all positions within the Trust."